Political monitoring

BPRA is aware of all political and policy developments in The Hague. Our employees follow debates, meetings, votes and activities in the Lower House and report on the outcomes. We quickly provide relevant information from the Lower House, Senate, Cabinet, ministries and government advisory bodies. The close monitoring of politics, government and policy ensures that we can offer political advice to organizations at any time. Political monitoring forms the basis for other services.

Lobby strategy

With our detailed knowledge of politics and policy, we provide tailored advice on possible lobby strategies. These lobby strategies can be long-term or project-based in nature. We supervise our clients intensively in the lobby process in which both politicians and policymakers become aware of interests and underlying arguments. The lobby process always takes place through transparent actions.


Working visits and internships

A working visit or internship is intended to show 'political The Hague' how government policy is reflected in practice. During this 'sneak peek behind the scenes', there is plenty of time to get to know politicians or officials and to inform them about barriers that have been raised by legislation and regulations for optimum business operations. For individual MPs and / or policymakers as well as the receiving institutions, the working visits turn out to be particularly informative.


Political communication

BPRA provides support in conveying a specific message to politics and government. This can be done, for example, by means of a position paper in which your most important arguments are formulated clearly and concisely. BPRA can also be of service to you in writing press releases. In addition, BPRA has a great deal of experience in drafting petitions and offering them to Parliament.

Network development

Developing a broad network is crucial in public affairs. As an intermediary, BPRA is unquestionably unique in supporting companies and institutions in building a reliable network of politicians, policy makers, government ministers and other relevant stakeholders.


Matchmaking aims to establish contacts between companies, patient organizations, health care institutions and politics and to bring them closer together by jointly establishing proposals. BPRA facilitates matchmaking at events such as round table meetings and business dinners.

Study trips

Every year BPRA organizes study trips around international conferences during which exchange of information between Dutch and foreign companies, hospitals and universities is central. Various parliamentarians and civil servants from the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and the Ministry of Economic Affairs take part in these study trips to learn about innovation and health care. An example is the study trip around the BIO conference in Boston. During this study trip, Dutch participants will follow an intensive program in Boston and Chicago. Visits are made to various American companies, healthcare institutions and knowledge institutes, such as the Children's Hospital, MIT and Mass BIO.

Trade missions

These missions are organized for Dutch companies to get acquainted with the R & D, industry, innovation and healthcare systems elsewhere. Trade missions have taken place in recent years to Milan, Taiwan and Singapore. They can play an important role in international network development.