The Dutch Health Care Platform (NHCP) was established as a platform to bring together all parties in the healthcare sector. Healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical companies, medical specialists and patient representatives enter into discussions about current healthcare issues. Representatives of the Ministry of Health and members of the Dutch Senate and the House of Representatives give their views on these themes. To improve healthcare and innovation together, with all parties: that is what it is all about.

Businessdiner 'in haegsch gezelschap'
For almost twenty years, BPRA has been organizing business dinners with prime actors from The Hague. During a business dinner, a small group will meet informally with political representatives. The business dinner is an excellent opportunity to get in touch with MPs personally. The MPs give a glimpse into the political relations during dinner and explain their specific responsibilities in the parliament. They can test their policy proposals in practice and receive immediate feedback. This dinner is organized several times a year. Check the agenda for more information about the upcoming business dinner.
Masterclass Haegsche Lobby

Twice a year, BPRA organizes the masterclass 'Haegsche Lobby'. During this seminar, participants will be introduced to the Dutch legislative and decision-making process, the political playing field and the tools for a successful lobby. The course is organized for professionals in healthcare. In an informal way, these professionals are informed by experts from the field, such as MPs, civil servants, lobbyists and professors of political science or constitutional and administrative law on these subjects. To make the 'lobby' as tangible as possible, the participants are presented with different care cases. The day ends in style with a drink in the Grand Café of Nieuwspoort. 
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Masterclass Brussels lobby

BPRA also organizes the 'Brussels Lobby' masterclass. More and more laws and regulations in health care are being developed in Brussels. For companies in the Netherlands it is important to know what kind of actions they can take and to be informed. During the two-day course, experts in Brussels will discuss the Brussels legislative process, the current playing field and the possibilities for Dutch companies and organizations to play a role in this. The participants receive a theoretical background, practical advice and instruments for public affairs in Brussels. The course is taught in Dutch and has been specially designed for professionals in healthcare.

Round table meetings

On the basis of the policy agenda, meetings are organized in the form of a roundtable. Experts in a specific field of health care are present to engage in a substantive discussion and to come to mutual understanding with representatives from politics, government, patient associations, manufacturers and doctors, among others.

Iedehalf jaar organiseert BPRA samen met DutchCC de cursus

Haegsche Lobby


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verschillende zorg cases voorgelegd. De dag wordt in stijl afgesl

oten met een borrel en

diner in het Grand Café van Nieuwspoort.

Pharmacist breakfasts

During the pharmacist's breakfast, pharmacists, from city pharmacists to hospital pharmacists, can exchange views with various political groups on current issues within the medicines dossier.
De ontbijtbijeenkomst in Den Haag vindt plaats in de aanloop naar het Algemeen Overleg Geneesmiddelen in de Tweede Kamer en dient ervoor om Kamerleden te informeren over de actuele stand van zaken in de apotheek.

Sponsor gatherings

The 'White Lunch' is an annual event that has been organized by BPRA for about ten years. The lunch was created at the time as a fundraising event for a political party. Nowadays it is all about sponsoring a good cause, for which senators, members of parliament and members of government of the same party join. Businesses from all sectors are invited to participate in the public debate. For companies it is a good time to get in touch with all the important actors of a political party and to exchange ideas with them about specific themes that play a role in business.

I door experts uit de r mogelijk te maken, worden de deelnemers

verschillende zorg cases voorgelegd. De dag wordt in stijl afgesl

oten met een borrel en

diner in het Grand Café van Nieuwspoort.


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